For more than 4 centuries, the Blondel family has tended the vines in a small village in the south of France. The vines are handed down from father to son, the elders pass on their craft and passion to the younger generation, transmitting love and respect of wine. Generation after generation has enhanced the reputation of these wines.

Marie Blondel inherited the vineyard from her father in 1956. With no children of her own, she bequeathed the estate to her three nephews (her younger brother’s sons) upon her death in 1969. Those nephews, Pierre, Paul and Jacques, had all begun their studies at the time.

Not wanting to put an end to the wine family ‘saga’, they decided to take over the vineyard with the precious help of their father, Auguste. The three novice wine-growers, two of which had studied oenology, rose to the challenge with brio, enhancing their wines and establishing an international distribution network.
To celebrate the tenth anniversary of their enterprise, the three brothers, with a certain sense of humour, decided to create a vintage named after themselves:
‘Pierre, Paul, Jacques’.

‘Pierre, Paul, Jacques’ is a popular French expression which has survived for generations.